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The modern Classic series is a short yet comprehensive selection of interconnect, shielded speaker cable and sophisticated AC powerline cord all intended to perfectly complement each other thanks to their similar design ethos and the materials used. Any audio system, wired with a full set of Classic cables, creates a revelatory listening experience that exceeds every expectation a true audiophile could have of cabling in any implementation for the asking price or well above it.



Shielded symmetrical speaker cable. The increased cross-section of stranded BRC conductors 2.85 mm 2 reduces active resistance and expands the dynamic range of the "amplifier-cable-AC" system.


Combination of CAFPE ® /SASDB ® individual and belt insulationreduces signal energy losses in the dielectric and linear capacitance. A special BRC drain conductor in the shield structure reduces the contact noise generated in the shield and its impedance, and also equalizes the shielding properties along the entire length. Connecting the drain conductor to the negative speaker terminal significantly improves microdynamics and spatial resolution. A double sheath made of different grades of special Russian PVC compound provides mechanical strength, long-term stability of all cable parameters and effectively dampens acoustic noise and vibration effects. The Classic MkII SC delivers an exceptionally dynamic yet smooth, perfectly balanced, neutral sound at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Tchernov - Classic Mk II SC Bn/Bn (Each) - Retail

GST Included
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