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The Cyrus CDt is a ‘transport-only’ version of our multi-award winning CDi. If you’re looking for a player as part of a Cyrus system, to plug into the 6 DAC, 82DAC or one of our pre-amplifier products – this is the version to go for. No whistles or bells – just a brilliantly clean and perfectly delivered performance from our award-winning transport.


CD t - the design

The CDt is an audiophile CD transport widely seen as the best CD transport in its class because it uses many of the top end components put into our flagship CDXt Signature. As well as our unique Servo Evolution disc reading engine, the CDt houses many components usually reserved for players costing a great deal more.


A multi-regulated power supply allows the Servo Evolution software to work with miniscule precision, pulling huge amounts of data from your disc and transporting that to a separate DAC without adding or taking away anything from the music itself.


A complex re-clocking circuit with close tolerance crystal VCO is used, resulting in sound that is pure and full.


In tests, it produces industry-leading read error rates, which is why the CDt is often named the best CD transport in its price range.


Partner this fantastic CD transport with the 82DAC integrated amplifier and digital-to-analogue converter or the Pre₂ DAC.


The CDt can also be upgraded to our CDXt Signature for the ultimate CD player. 

Cyrus CDt - CD Player - Retail

GST Included
    • SPDIF optical – 1
    • SPDIF coaxial – 1
    • MC-BUS – Yes
    • Maximum signal resolution – 16-bit/44.1kHz
    • Height – 73
    • Width – 215
    • Depth – 360
    • Weight (kg) 3.3
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