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Focal Pro Audio

Focal professional monitors are designed from the very beginning to reproduce the sound signal without any alteration. These monitors will meet the needs of the biggest studios as well as the smallest ones.

‘Listen to your music, not to your speakers!’

Focal Car Audio Image

Focal Car Audio

To combine the pleasure of driving with the love for sound and music, treat yourself to high performance hi-fi equipment for your car.

Tchernov Cable Image

"Tchernov Cable"

Tchernov Cable made its debut in High End audio in 2002 when a select range of highly innovative audio and video cables was released. Entirely designed and built in Russia they employed some extraordinary techniques to achieve a level of performance considerably ahead of the competitors. Further advancements in design and manufacturing process followed over the next 2 decades. 

Cyrus Audio

Unique amongst British high-end audio manufacturers, our pioneering work in our Cambridgeshire research and development studios has led to remarkable advances in DAC design, Power management, CD servo design, and noise rejection.

Each of our classic and XR products is housed in our hand-finished inverted ‘cast-aluminium’ chassis and fitted with the finest audio components available. The stunning elegance and searing performance of your Cyrus music system truly justify their ‘pride-of-place’ in your listening or sitting room.

Cyrus Audio Image


Audiovector products are handcrafted from the finest materials and hand assembled with great detail and care. Every loudspeaker is designed, developed and produced in-house to exceptional standards.

Audiovector HiFi Audio image
CAT - Complet Audio Technology Image

Complete Audio Technology

Complete Audio Technology started in 1998 in New Zealand, designing and manufacturing products and solutions for the Home Theatre and Custom Install market.

The philosophy is simple, design well, manufacture in quantity to deliver great products at good prices.

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